updated july 16, 2002

Six degrees of David Kemper

The number of people that have worked on more than one of the shows David has worked on, is pretty surprising. So far I have found:

Name Shows
Naren Shankar Farscape, TNG, Outer Limits, Seaquest DSV, ST Voy
Kent McCord Farscape, Pacific Blue, Silk Stalkings, Seaquest DSV
Rockne S. O'Bannon Farscape, Seaquest DSV, Twilight Zone
new! Carleton Eastlake Farscape, Outer Limits, ST Voyager, Seaquest DSV, Burning Zone, Booker
new! Richard Manning Farscape, ST TNG
Lily Taylor Farscape, Pacific Blue
new! Rod Perth Farscape, Pacific Blue, Silk Stalkings
Doug Heyes Jr. Farscape, Pacific Blue
Richard Herd Seaquest DSV, ST Voy, Pacific Blue, ST TNG
new! W. Morgan Sheppard Seaquest DSV, ST Voyager, ST TNG, American Gothic, Poltergeist
Michael Reaves ST TNG, Swamp Thing
Bill Nuss Pacific Blue, Booker, Raven
Ted Raimi Seaquest DSV, American Gothic
Les Sheldon Seaquest DSV, Raven
Brad Wright Outer Limits, Poltergeist, Stargate SG-1

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