DK live - Kemper encounters and con reports

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Chaotic Dreamer meets David Kemper

Ok well my first sighting of the wonderful, amazing, David Yum-yum Kemper, was last year in San Diego at the Comic Con. I didn't even know who he was, but within moments of he (And Rockne and of course Claudia) taking the stage, everyone knew who he was. David was funny, sexy, and charming as all get out. Alas, they had had Claudia's autographing the day before and so no contact was made other than some long distance drooling.

Fast forward to this past summer and Creation Con (Did see him again in San Diego with Gigi, but he wasn't there when I got her autograph - thwarted again).

At Creation Con he was funny as cute as all get out (the man should always wear jeans :)), seeming more at ease with the screaming hordes than some of his companions (at first at any rate). But my DK live story begins on that Saturday afternoon when he came out, sat at a table off to the side with Ricky Manning, and signed autograpghs.

I was wearing my SACC shirt (Society Against Cruelity to Crichton) and he spotted it right away. "It won't work you know." he said with mock seriousness as he fixed those sparkling DK eyes on my chest. "You can't save him." I sort of laughed then said, "Well somebody's got to, people like you keep damaging him."
DK shook his head. "Nope you can protest all you want and he's still going to get it." Laughing, I handed him his book (collections of messages were made for all of the cast and crew) He looked at it like he was supposed to sign it. "No, that's for you." Big DK eyes. "Me?!" "Yes, you. It's from your fans on the board who couldn't make it, or could but wanted to give you a message anyway." "For me?" He's looking down at the messages, sort of in shock. "Yeah"
Big DK smile, "Thank you!". Then he saw my handle on my name tag, "ChaoticDreamer?! I know you!" Ricky Manning rolls his eyes and says "Um-hm." DK-"No really, you're one of the handles I recognize! I only make it to the board an hour or so a month-you're one I know!" Ricky starts making comments about "Oh, yes we've HEARD about YOU."(evil laughing from the Froonster)
David looks worried, "No, really, only good stuff, honest!" Ricky just laughs evilly and I just smile (it was sweet that he thought I might believe Ricky :)) Then I handed him a card of one of his eps to sign for me (the one with JC and D'Argo floating in space.) His eyes lite up again, "Yep, that's one of my scenes!". I guess he forgave me for the SACC shirt *grin*.

Then the next day, he was out signing again - not to miss a chance (plus Ben was ever so casually lounging next to him) - I went through for a second signing. Now the day before, I'd presented Ben with his gift from SACC his very own "Protected By SACC" shirt. So as I came up, I asked Ben how his shirt fit. Ben grinned and pulls open his jersey and there it is! David looks at it, "I want a t-shirt." "You can't have a SACC shirt, you're one of the ones who keeps beating him up." David does a mock bout. "But I gave you that book yesterday." DK smiles, "Yeah!" Then gets to his feet, gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek! Yahoooooooooooooo!

Then he tells me how the SACCers in St. Louis were pummling him with trout so he made them leave him alone by offering a scene of "shirtless John" in the first ep of season three.....thing was he hadn't told Ben about it yet. Ben's baby blues got real big, "What?!" DK just smiled and waved him off.

All in all David was a very cool dude, even if he never did what he said he was going to do - which was email the folks who had sent him messages. I know he's a very busy guy, and if any of you Happy Kempers did send messages, I can tell you he loved them. (He had read them over saturday night :))

David was funny, charming, smart, and sexy, and I for one am dang glad to be part of his fan group!

Marie aka ChaoticDreamer, Happy Kemper #42

Sandy's David Kemper sightings

I was fortunate enough go to the San Diego Comic Con in 1999 & 2000, plus attend the Farscape Convention in Burbank. But that's not what I wanted to chat about.

Living in California does have its privileges. My latest DK sighting was one of them.

On September 28, 2000 there was a group of 7 of us who went to see the taping of Politically Incorrect when Ben Browder was schedule to appear. We had to sit there for what seemed like forever, listening to the warm up guy-who had some really lame jokes.

To the great surprise of 4 of us (HappyKempers) there, Mr. Kemper scooted into his seat about 1 minute before the show started. Hmmmmm... is a late arrival the reason the show started so late? Inquiring minds want to know... DK's appearance definitely made the it worth the wait. I really liked his hair; it was just a little longer than it was at the cons.

Although we didn't have the chance to talk to DK or BB, it was still worth missing work for.

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