Transcript: David Kemper about Scorpius

Source: SciFi Channel Online

I think Scorpius is a man, or half man, half Sebacean, half Scarran. He is a creature of honor.

He's nasty as can be, and he'll just as soon leave you dead as not, but it's in pursuit- No villain thinks he is a villain. No villain ever says 'Gee, this morning I'm gonna wake up and be a terrible, you know, guy!' No, he wakes up and says 'I have to accomplish these things, I've got to do XYZ.'

So Scorpius is in his mind not a villain. He's got an agenda, he is trying to save his race, his people, the Sebaceans, from outside pressures on them - I don't wanna give away who, but you know, there is some indications already who that might be. And Scorpius is a man with a mission. You watch him in the LATP trilogy: he talks to D'Argo pretty openly and calmly, and he is capable of sitting down and having a meal with you if that suits his agenda.

He is a negotiator, he is a business man, I think there's some real good stuff to be mined between Rygel and Scorpius. I think they'd be all on about cutting a deal with each other and 'what can you do for me and-' It'd be like two heads of giants corporations. 'Well, we're gonna close this plant and 40,000 workers in Ohio are gonna be out of jobs. But it's good for the overall company and it's good for the overall economy and that's how the world works.' Those 40,000 people, 'here's your severance check, I'm sorry this is happening to you'.

That's kinda Scorpius, you know, and if he asked to execute those 40,000 people he also would, but he wouldn't- he's not a malicious guy, he would never do it for the pleasure of- he's not one of those guys who says 'I've got this prisoner here, I will shoot this prisoner, because it gives me pleasure.' He'd only shoot a prisoner if he has to or if there's a reason to that's compelling. He's not-- We kinda like Scorpius.

Scorpius, I'm sure, he's got friends, but when in the business setting he's kind of like the head of a media corporation say... pick one of all the big conglomerates. They tend to beeee- view this terrainical from below, but to the other medium overalls they're all very good friends and they get along great. You gotta maintain an image over the people above you. Kinda like executive producer.

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