Transcript: David Kemper about Chiana

Source: SciFi Channel Online

Chiana... is growing up. And she's found people that accept her. Don't judge her too much. They all got their own problems, so they're accepting her and so she's thinking 'All right, I'll stay.' And the most important thing about Chiana that Gigi is playing, is Chiana is learning to trust. Similarly as Aeryn, they're all learning to trust each other, but Chiana's been a street kid, a street urchin. She's lived by her wits. If she had to eat out of garbage cans, she did. If she could pull a con on the prince, she did. If she could, you know, jump in the back of a limousine and steal the food off the rock stars, you know, spread 'em, and get out the back door, she did. She lived the way she had to live, cause she wanted to be free from a culture that was oppressive.

So she survives on her wits and with her own skills, with guile, with cleverness, and sass and sex and- whatever it takes. And here's a group of people that say 'Come on, sit down, have dinner.' And she's like 'Nah... this is unique. So I didn't have to like steal it or con it out of you, or-? 'No, sit down. You've earned your place at the table. You've proven yourself to us.' Well, she's kinda like- You've seen, everyone's seen Gigi do it, that kinda, that look. That's a look of distrust. And you're watching a young, alien woman, always used to alien in front of everybody except Crichton, learn... trust. You're watching by degrees the dial get tort every time she goes and does that look - which I can't do (imitates Gigi's look). Put that on the web, and there'll be a picture of me going (makes a face).

She is getting another, another example in her memory banks of 'Oh, I can trust these people'. That's her journey until somebody betrays that trust, and then it might- as it does it kicks you back to an erlier place. It's never permanent, cause we're all on a journey and our people are ultimately good inside and so they're on a journey of self-discovery and revelation and it will lead them to a better place, and it has, but it isn't a smooth car anymore, all the time.

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