Transcript: David Kemper about Crais

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Crais is striving mightily to be accepted, to be different in the show that he can command talent in a responsible way, and that's what he's projecting. Whether or not that is truly his ultimate intention I can't really say, because there's a lot of Crais coming in the future and he is just like everyone else, he's complex, he's got his own motives and we should never forget that we never get to see him, because it's hard to have 30,000 people on the set.

But this man commanded a command carrier, one of the most powerul weapons in the Universe. Filled with thousands of men, and he rose up through the ranks over years and years in service. This isn't just some kinda guy, who's a cream puff, this is a really nasty, tough, hard-nosed beaurocratic, administrative, military commander who finds himself isolated from all of those things, and so has a different persona and he has a different background than most of them. So it allows him to slip easily into the person that we see, but I still think that the person that he was is also a part of him. He has not cleaved it off him in the same way that Zhaan, the woman who murdered her lover, is now a tenth lever Pau priest and yet still has moments of the flashes of her old side. And if Zhaan whose priestliness and her study can't divorce herself from her earlier personage, well, we can't expect Crais to, really.

This is an iron guy, this is a guy who- just like Michael Jordan dominated on the basketball court. Now he's on the golf course and he has the same desire to dominate on the golf course. So Crais has things he wants, an agenda that he wants to fulfil, and he hasn't lost those personality traits that allowed him to get captain of the ship. (excerpt from Premiere)

From the beginning Rockne said this is gonna be a journey for these people and we've targetted Crais early to make this turn and we knew where he was gonna end up and so we weren't so surprised when we were orchestrating it all along the way, but it is surprising to watch how believably Lani has made the tortured captain turn to a different side, and how wonderfully he's brought that to life. I mean, if- that's the revelation, it's the actor married to the part is perfect in the same way that we have a lot of actors who are perfectly their part with. You know I couldn't tell you one that isn't kind of one with the show which is why the chemistry works so well with seven main leads that and Rygel is perfectly suited to the rubber casing that he is in, so...

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