updated july 16, 2002

Interviews and Online Chats

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05/02: 'Farscape' bites off more than it can chew - an article (with quotes) about David Kemper's choices for season 4

11/01: excerpts from a TV Zone interview with David Kemper and Wayne Pygram

04/01: A short interview about Zhaan's death

02/01: SciFi Channel Primer - David Kemper talks about the main Farscape characters
transcript: David Kemper on Scorpius
transcript: David Kemper on Chiana
transcript: David Kemper on Scorpius

08/00: Interview with David Kemper and Ben Browder at fantasticon.com
transcript: part 1 of the Quicktime interview
transcript: part 2 of the Quicktime interview

Online Chats

11/12/00: online chat at uk.scifi.com, with Ben Browder
08/17/00: online chat at Scifi.com, joined by Ricky Manning and Ben Browder
06/15/00: online chat at Scifi.com, season 2 wrap
01/27/00: online chat at Scifi.com
09/23/99: online chat at Scifi.com, joined by Ben Browder

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