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Ben Browder:

It's amazing that I haven't been sent home in a box by the producers of Farscape! I'm always asking them "We're not going to do that, aren't we?" See, if David Kemper was armed, I'd be dead already! [laughs]

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Rockne S. O'Bannon:

David Kemper has a terrific staff of writers (and that Kemper kid ain’t half-bad himself). We went through a number of writers in the first season, and from that period, David now has Richard Manning, Justin Monjo, and Lily Taylor. Balancing action, character, and keeping it fresh is a tribute to the minds who conceive it week after week.

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Dave Elsey about DK and Jool's hair:

Jool's conception was interesting. it was kind of a difficult birth. I did a design very early on of what she pretty much turned out to be, except that she had bright red hair.
Normally, that would have ended up on the screen, but because of the importance of the character, Andrew Prowse and Tony Winley - the producer - really wanted to get it right. And, they felt that she should be that kind of gingery blond that she appears as most of the time on the show.
I resisted for a while until David Kemper stepped in, angel that he is, and creative genius, and said, hey why don't we make her have the ability to change her hair colour whenever she has a mood swing. And so everybody was happy!!

Richard Manning about David & the Stooges:

DK is a Stooges fan, Ben likewise.
One of the best things about writing for Farscape is that there are so few restrictions. We can't do full frontal nudity, alas like the pay cable shows do But short of that, we're pretty free to do as we like SciFi has been very accommodating and supportive and DK is always exhorting us (fine word there, exhorting) to push the boundaries test the limits not so much with violence or sex per se but thematically.... emotionally... Don't be afraid to explore hard hitting themes don't be afraid to give the characters flaws etc. which, for a Writer, is nirvana.

Lily Taylor about David's attitude towards giving away secrets:

Moderator: So, just between us...what's going to happen in episodes 311 through 322? It's OK, DK said you could tell.

Lily: DK who? Cos Kemper would kill me if I gave away any secrets.

read the whole chat transcript at scifi.com

Ben Browder on working with David:

"David has things that he works towards," Browder begins. "He’ll come to me and say, ‘I’ve got his moment’ and he’s also told me that he has the final moment of Farscape in his head. That scares me because I see death and mayhem. David will talk to me before a season starts about where that season might end. So there are points that he and the writing staff are working towards. But scripts change as we go. Arcs change as we go... how we get there might change as we go along. He’ll let me in on certain things, but not everything.

"It’s almost as though we’re working it out together. He’ll tell me certain things and I’ll react to them in a certain way and then he’ll gauge if he’s going to get to certain points on how I react to them, or how the other actors or writers react to them... He doesn’t lay it all out and say, ‘This is what we’re doing and this is how we’re doing it’. He’ll say, ‘This is where I’m trying to go,’ and we’ll talk about it and how we’ll get to that point."

read the whole article at TV Zone

There were many unmade scripts of SeaQuest DSV (cf. missing production numbers), especially in season 1. One of those was "Friends In High Places", written by David Kemper according to the SEAPOC site.

click here to read the script

Ben Browder on DK: [regarding Chiana and the 'Wesley' factor]

"David said, 'This is not Wesley. This is not a boy with a dolphin. This is a little whore with a good heart.' " [...]
Browder's mention of Kemper brings up another important issue. Series creator and former executive producer Rockne O'Bannon turned control of the series over to right-hand man Kemper between the first and second seasons of Farscape. [...] "He (David) is the one who has pushed the show into very quirky and dangerous places. The Aurora Chair, sticking me with knives and chopping off Pilot's arm? That's David Kemper. So I don't think we lost anything from the standpoint of the direction the show was taking. We lost Rock's eloquence and his day-to-day tempering of Mr Kemper's madness, but I feel really good about the hands on the reins."

from Cult Times #57, June 2000

Lily Taylor said at the 2000 Farscape convention in Burbank that 'Peacekeepers' are written with a small 'k', but that David prefers 'PeaceKeepers'... hence HappyKempers :)

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